Our Partners

Utopian Technology Development was established in Tamworth NSW in the late 1970s. UTD was primarily concerned with the development of renewable energy devices such as integrated solar collector roofs to provide low temperature heat for industrial processes and for residential space heating and domestic hot water.

The advent of cheaper computers made it possible to adopt more sophisticated design processes, so as the core business of UTD changed to computer aided design of renewable energy systems, it was renamed Solar Logic and started to focus on Home Energy Rating.

Solar Logic now operates out of Brisbane, and provides a consultancy service to industry and government organisations in the area of renewable energy applications, including energy efficient building design.

Services include:

  • Educational training in renewable energy and energy efficient building design.
  • Renewable energy curriculum and course development.
  • Feasibility studies for the application of renewable energy technologies.
  • Design of energy efficient buildings.
  • Design of photovoltaic systems.
  • Assessment of thermal performance of buildings.
  • Marketing of the Solar Logic Building Energy Rating Scheme, BERS.
  • Training and accreditation of BERS assessors.
  • Development of software for renewable energy applications.