LED lighting

The Lights On Program is where Urth Energy provides energy efficient products such as LED lighting.

We will change all of your old 50w Halogen down lights for 9w Energy Efficient LED lights.

Lighting can account for over 30% of a household’s electricity bill. By replacing the old halogen lights with the energy efficient and cost-effective, you reduce ongoing electricity bills and your carbon footprint.

What Are The Other Benefits Of LED Lighting?

The new, energy-efficient LED lights operate at much lower temperatures than halogen lamps, are more durable and only use a fraction of the energy. This reduces the need for Cooling in the hot months and also improves home safety.

Quality LEDs offer a strong, focused light that is equivalent to a halogen lamp but require less power than old technology. Using a 9w LED light, produces the same amount of light as a 50w halogen down light and generates approximately 70% less CO2.

Replacement globes are almost a thing of the past. Once installed, a quality LED light lasts up to 15 times longer than an average halogen down light and all things being equal, provides over 20 years of lighting for a living room, kitchen or bathroom.